baliThe Komodo Dancer cruises into a different dimension in Bali, Indonesia. See colorful reefs and coral gardens teeming with exotic marine life. Encounter pelagics and schools of other large fish as you dive into crystal blue waters. Grasp an extraordinary opportunity to cruise the Indonesian Archipelago aboard the M/V Komodo Dancer, the most recent addition to the Dancer Fleet.SM

Sharing borders with Malaysia and Papua New Guinea, the Indonesian Archipelago comprises more than 13,000 islands. Planned itineraries to the islands of Bali, Komodo and Flores are highlighted by volcanic vistas, splendid beaches, crystal clear seas, lush jungles and visits to native island villages, rich in culture and local tradition.

A visit to the island of Komodo, or its neighboring island Rinca, will take you to the natural habitat of the fierce Komodo Dragons, the last remaining survivor of carnivorous dinosaurs. These Jurassic giants grow as large as 3 meters and prey primarily on the deer, monkeys, wild water buffalos and horses which proliferate on the islands.

Elephants, orangutans, tigers and leopards are also among the many land-based species to be found throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

Famed among divers for its spectacular coral gardens, this region of the world, along with Papua New Guinea, is undeniably earth's most biodiverse and prolific marine ecosystem.

Throughout this area, you'll have the opportunity to see several impressive volcanic formations, including the famous Keli Mutu volcano with its crater divided into three lakes of different colored waters. The colors change regularly as the lakes draw various minerals from the earth which dissolve and color the water.

You'll also experience the fascination of cultures which have been isolated from the outside world for centuries. The island of Lembata, on the extreme eastern end of Flores is home to a village of traditional whalers who set out in their primitive boats to search for whales, sea cows, manta rays, porpoises, and other big catch. Pottery, woodcarving and handwoven textiles are among the popular handicrafts to purchase from local artisans in the many villages you'll visit throughout the islands.



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