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Located 40 miles north of Venezuela, Bonaire's 112-square miles are occupied by 11,000 people. Bonaire is a Dutch island and quite simply, a dive Paradise loaded with coral reefs thriving along their underwater volcanic slopes, nurturing colonies in brilliant colors and beauty in water as clear and blue as sister island Curacao's famous liqueur. Three decades ago Bonaire realized that conserving this natural wonder was not just ecologically kind but also commercially shrewd; since then, several marine parks have been established, mapped, and protected.

Bonaire is the perfect place for shore diving and most shore dive sites are marked by large yellow rocks with the name of the site stenciled on them. Beginners divers will find ideal surroundings, shallow calm easy to dive sites just 30 feet from shore; seasoned scuba divers will find sloping walls, wrecks and reefs to fulfill their dive adventure expectations.

Underwater photography is popular in Bonaire with all the colors of the Caribbean vibrant and on display on each dive. Most dive resorts include darkrooms and labs.

Nights can be spent roaming the deep, tailing schools of parrotfish or marveling at shipwrecks. Resorts like Buddy Dive offer 24 hour diving with unlimited dive packages such as their famous Buddy Dive and drive.

The Coastline is dotted with tiny coves of rugged lava formations where the sea has carved cavernous grottos offering spectacular shore diving opportunities. Bonaire's southern half hosts a handful of salt flats, and a beautiful Pink Beach providing a green haven for more than a hundred species of birds, from flamingos and hummingbirds to lorikeets, herons, doves, beautiful Parroquets, big blue lizards and three foot iguanas.

Lac Bay, on the windward side of the island, has some of the best windsurfing in the world.

Bonaire for a simple affordable dive vacation.

Bonaire for Family: Buddy Dives Rangers Kids Club offers fun and educational daily programs for kids so mom and dad can enjoy a day of diving. Kids age 8 and up can participate in PADI Seal Team or Bubble Makers and Kids age 10 and up can get certified to dive in the PADI Jr. Open water classes.
Bonaire also has hosted Kids Sea Camp a family vacation for kids and adults. Book your next dive trip to Bonaire.Contact:


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