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Diving in Roatan is world class, with visibility ranging from 75 to 150 ft and a mean water temperature of 78 to 80 deg. F. There are approximately 35 distinct dive sites within 10 to 20 minutes of the resort. These sites provide an unusual variety of caves, ledges, tunnels, holes, walls, sand chutes and eel gardens. Almost every species of tropical fish and coral indigenous to the Caribbean can be found here. The reefs are beautiful and an irreplaceable natural resource of the Island. The reefs are part of the Sandy Bay West End Marine Reserve and are completely protected. NO spearfishing, collecting, hunting, salvaging, or touching the reefs is allowed.

The dive shop is equipped with 10,000 cu. ft. of compressed air storage with two 80 C.F.M. main diesel compressors. We have 6 dive boats with a divemaster and captain for each boat. Each diver must have a certification card, a submersible pressure gauge and a BC jacket. Each buddy team must have a depth gauge and timing device. The first time you report to the dive shop you will be assigned a tank and storage number for the week. The boat sign-up procedure will be explained at that time. Prior to your first dive you will perform a short orientation dive. This is required by everyone and insures that divers are comfortable with their equipment and buoyancy before going on their first dive.

AKR is proud to feature one of the most modern and complete dive boat fleets in the Caribbean. In addition to six 42' custom dive boats used for standard dive operations, there are four new 48' custom dive flagships scheduled for specialty excursions.

The dive operation also offers Nitrox and a Continuing Educational Program that offers resort courses through IDC training!


Three (3) boat dives per day and two (2) night boat dives during your week stay. The dive shop opens at 7:30 AM and the boats normally depart at 8:30 AM. The schedule is one tank dive, return to fill the your tank (about 15 minutes) and immediately go out for another one tank dive. This will give you about 30 to 45 minutes surface interval. You will return to the dock from the second dive at about 12:00 noon. The afternoon boats depart at 2:30 PM for a one tank dive and return at approximately. 4:00 PM.


Type: 230 ft. double deck cargo vessel Depth: 100 to 110 feet Skill: Intermediate to advanced Northwest shore of Roatan, a two minute boat ride from AKR

"El Aquila" or "The Eagle" ran cargo between Puerto Cortes, Honduras and San Andres Island. This freighter originally sank 8 years ago around the Utila Keys, Bay Islands, Honduras. It was recently salvaged and brought to Roatan by Anthony's Key Resort and sank for the Bay Islands dive highlight of the year. The ship is intact and is resting perfectly upright on a sandy bottom in approximately 100' of water. Rapid coral growth is expected.


One tank night dives are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


The addition of a new "dive shack" at the back of Anthony's Key now provides divers extended opportunities to dive from shore, allowing them to virtually dive all day. The new facility is open Monday thru Saturday from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., supplementing channel shore dives available during regular dive shop hours (7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily and until last boat docks on night-dive nights.) The dive shack is staffed and equipped with air tanks for easy beach access to "Front Porch" reef, a vital area of the reef ecosystem often overlooked by recreational divers. Among the varied seascape, divers may observe eel, grouper, and octopus as they descend to depths of 40 feet or more, as well as schools of blue tangs, parrotfish, angelfish and damselfish, sea fans, star coral and brain coral. The extended shore dives compliment a full schedule of boat dives included in all AKR dive packages.


A full range of instruction, from a resort courses to PADI or NAUI Divemaster certification, is available. The dive shop maintains a complete inventory of rental equipment for just about any need including: regulators, gauges, BC's, Shorty's, fins, masks and snorkels.


At Anthony's Key resort snorkelers are treated like first class citizens. The avid snorkeler is not tagging along on a dive boat, but our new 51' flat-top dive-cruiser is dedicated to snorkel tours inside and outside the reef. In the snorkeling package two daily snorkel trips with a guide are included, as well as a Reef Ecology Lecture, a Fish ID slide show and Fish and Coral under water ID Cards. You can also snorkel (for an additional charge) with our magnificent Dolphins in the protected area of Bailey's Key lagoon. This is a unique and unforgettable 20 minute experience with some of the most playful and intelligent creatures in the sea.


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