Dolphin Discovery Programs

AKR's Institute for Marine Sciences offers an unusual opportunity for divers and snorkelers to interact with dolphins on the mammals' initiative. Both encounters differ from other programs in that the dolphins are free to come and go as they wish in an unstructured environment. There is no feeding enticement to secure interaction with humans. The interaction is achieved by appealing to the dolphins' natural curiosity. Divers are better able to observe the dolphins in their natural habitat, while snorkelers have more opportunity for physical contact. Both encounters promise to be the highlight of any trip to Roatan.

The Dolphin Discovery Camp for Children - Take your children with you on vacation and still have time for yourself. Dolphin Discovery Camp is a week long program for children ages 5 to 14. Your children will learn about and interact with bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) several times during the week. Oceanside discussions, as well as short classroom sessions, will be the avenue to teaching the children. Snorkeling trips and other outdoor activities will give your child a real appreciation for the ocean marine life and our environment in general. Click here for more information.

The Dolphin Specialty Course - The success of the college and high school dolphin curriculum, as well as our summer children's program the Dolphin Discovery Camp, have encouraged the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences to offer the general public our Dolphin Specialty Course. The Dolphin Specialty Course is a unique opportunity for participants to learn about, and interact with the bottlenose dolphins of the Institute.

The Dolphin Dive - Divers are taken six at a time, by boat, on a five minute ride just outside the reef. They are accompanied by a dive guide, a dolphin behaviorist and a videographer. For 45 minutes the divers have the opportunity to observe, photograph and join in the play of the dolphins. This takes place at depths of up to 60 feet over a white sand bottom adjacent to a shallow reef wall. Certification Card is required of divers.

The Dolphin Snorkel - Snorkelers, no more than six at a time, may interact with dolphins off a white sand key just, a two minute boat ride from the resort. They are accompanied by a dolphin behaviorist and a videographer. A 15 minutes orientation are followed by the play session, which lasts 30 minutes. While these dolphins are within a two-acre enclosure of water, there is a reserved private area, where they may go, should they choose not to be with humans.

The Dolphin Presentation - This educational program introduces viewers to the senses and anatomy of the dolphin, accompanied by behavioral demonstrations. Entrance into the Institute for Marine Sciences' Educational Center and Roatan Museum is included. Reservations are not required.

All bookings for the Dolphin Dive and Dolphin Swim are done directly on-island with the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences. Scheduling priority is given to guests of Anthony's Key Resort. Participants are required to attend a short orientation. Rental equipment is available. Prices do not include 12% local tax and are subject to change without notice

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