The Dolphin Discovery Scuba Summer Camp

AKRs dolphin discovery summer camp for children has been raved about for years. While parents enjoy time for themselves, their children learn about and interact with our bottlenose dolphins. Recently we added new programs to the dolphin summer camp, SASY, Bubblemakers and Jr. Certification. Kids are in 2 age divisions: 5-9 and 10-14.

Click for more details, dates and schedule of our Dolphin/Scuba camp for kids. Below are our other kids programs, included in the summer camp, but also available throughout the year.

SASY- supplied air snorkeling for youth:
Since summer 2000, AKR has been offering a variety of new water programs for kids, SASY and SASA. The new Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youths (SASY) experience in which children as young as five years old are able to participate combines snorkeling with a BCD-like floatation device, a compressed air tank, and regulator.

Users can swim on the surface without fear of inhaling water through a snorkel tube. The SASY jackets provide ample buoyancy and hold the compressed air securely in place. This program is for kids too young to Scuba dive, ages 5 and up.

There will be a program for adults similar to this called Supplied Air Snorkeling for Adults (SASA). This experience is for adults who have concerns that may inhibit them from going to greater depths.

A Discover Scuba experience for kids 8 years and up. An introduction to breathing air under water. Held in water no deeper than 6 feet, kids get to experience the thrill of Scuba diving in a controlled environment. As part of the program, all participants will receive a PADI Bubblemaker decal, tattoo, toy and certificate of completion.

Jr. Certification -
The age requirement for participation in the PADI Jr. Open Water Certification course has been changed to 10 years old. Upon completion Jr. Open Water Diver 10-12 can now dive to depths of 40Ç with the accompaniment of parent, legal guardian or a PADI professional. Dolphin/Scuba Camp

Children ages 5-14 will learn about interacting with bottlenose dolphins several times during this weeklong program (see schedule of activities below). Oceanside discussions as well as short classroom sessions will be the avenue to teaching the children. Snorkeling trips and other outdoor activities will give your child a real appreciation for the ocean marine life and our environment in general.

May 26 - May 31 June 30 - July 5 Aug. 4 - Aug. 9
June 2 - June 7 July 7 - July 12 Aug. 11 - Aug. 16
June 9 - June 14 July 14 - July 19 Aug. 18 - Aug. 23
June 16 - June 21 July 21 - July 26 Aug. 25 - Aug. 30
June 23 - June 28 July 28 - Aug 02  

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff at IMS are the camp instructors. The schedule will begin on Sunday and end on Friday. A full schedule of camp activities will be given out on Sunday morning during orientation for the campers and parents. Some camp activities include: Snorkeling lessons, marine life slide shows, dolphin feeding sessions, dolphin identification lessons, dolphin evolution, anatomy and physiology lectures and snorkeling with the dolphins.

The cost includes accommodation, all meals, all dolphin camp activities and materials.
The camp will only be conducted for groups of 5-15 children per week.
The cost is based on a maximum of one child per adult staying in the same room.

Below is the schedule for the dolphin/scuba camp.

AKR Dolphin/Scuba Camp 6 day Schedule
(schedule is subject to change)
Age: 5-9 SASY/Bubblemaker Age: 10-14 Discover Scuba Diving/Jr. Scuba Diver
Sunday Sunday
8:30 Orientation and Registration 7:45 Camp Orienation at RIMS
9:00 Video 8:30 Meet and feed the dolphins
9:30 Equipment fitting 9:00 Tour the RIMS facility
10:00-11:45 In water activities 9:30 Snorkel w/Copan, Bonnie and GeeGee
12:00 Lunch 10:30 Dolphin Show
    11:00 Pinata Making lesson #1
1:30 Orientation at the RIMS Education Center 12:00 Lunch
2:00 Meet and Feed the Dolphins 1:30 Orientation and Registration at Dock
2:30 Tour the RIMS facility 2:00 Video
3:00 Snorkel Video 2:30 Equipment fitting
3:30 Snorkel on Bailey's Key 3:00 - 4:45 In water instruction and dive
5:00 Meet the parents 5:00 Meet the parents
Monday Monday
8:30-9:30 Tour of dive dock, boat and chamber 8:00 Meet at RIMS
9:30 Equipment prep 9:00 Snorkel with Dolphins on Bailey's Key
10:00 In the water activities (water games with u/w rocket and frisbee , and spoon race) 10:30 Dolphin Evolution
12:00 Lunch 11:00 Turtle Talk
1:30 Meet at RIMS 12:00 Lunch
2:00 Snorkel trip on Pro 52 1:30 Confine water dives 2&3
3:30 Dolphin foot push and Dorsal Ride    
4:30 Dolphin Evolution 5:00 Meet Parents
5:00 Meet Parents    
Tuesday Tuesday
8:30 Fish ID Presentation 8:00 Meet at RIMS
10:00 In water Sasy/Bubblemaker 8:30 Horseback Riding to Bird Park
10:30 Reef exploration with Sasy and bubblemaker & Fish ID 10:00 Iguana Farm
12:00 Lunch 11:30 Pinata making lesson 2
1:30 Iguana Farm 12:00 Lunch
3:30 Horseback riding 1:30 Knowledge Review 1,2,3 - Quizzes, Video
4:30 Turtle talk 5:00 Meet Parents
5:00 Meet Parents    
Wednesday Wednesday
9:00 Bird Park 8:30 Meet at Rims
10:00 Depart for Tabyana Beach 9:00 Dolphin Anatomy
10:30 In water SASY/Bubblemakers 10:00 Depart for Tabyana Beach
12:00 Lunch 10:30 Fun on the beach/Snorkel
1:30 SASY/Bubblemakers treasure hunt 12:00 Lunch
3:30 Return to RIMS 1:30 Openwater Dive No.2
4:00 Rock lab 3:30 Return to RIMS
5:00 Meet Parents 4:00 Rock Lab
    5:00 Meet Parents
Thursday Thursday
9:00 Family snorkel trip on snorkel boat with Sasy and Bubblemaker 8:00 Meet at RIMS
12:00 Lunch 8:30 Horseback riding
1:30 Training session (Hand Signals) 10:00 Pinata Making Lesson 3
3:00 Horseback riding 11:00 Training session- Hand signals
4:00 Coral ID slideshow 11:30 Dolphin Training Game
4:30 Dolphin Training Game 12:00 Lunch
5:00 Meet Parents 2:00 Fun Dive
    5:00 Meet Parents
Friday Friday
8:30 Meet at RIMS 8:30 Meet at RIMS
9:00 Dolphin Snorkel at Bailey's Key 9:00 Dolphin Snorkel at Bailey's Key
10:30 Dolphin Show 10:30 Dolphin Show
11:00 Feeding Session 11:00 Feeding Session
11:30 Weekly Journal 11:30 Weekly Journal
12:00 Lunch 12:00 Lunch
1:30 Goodbye swim with Copan, Bonnie and Gee-Gee 1:30 Goodbye swim with Copan, Bonnie and Gee-Gee
3:00 Piñata Party 3:00 Piñata Party


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