Palau rates as one of the great underwater wonders of the world, taking its place alongside areas such as Australia's Coral Sea, the Red Sea, and Truk (Chuuk) Lagoon.

The number of dive sites is staggering and few places on earth can offer such an incredible variety of dive experiences in such a concentrated area.  There are at least 60 superb drop-offs, such as the Great Ngemelis Wall, starting at the surface and dropping to 1000 feet.  There are a dozen blue holes; giant Tridacna clams measuring up to six feet across; fabulous underwater cave systems and a tremendous variety of colorful soft corals, large pelagics and reef fish.  Palau is, without a doubt, a top contender as the very best all-around dive spot in the world.

Palau is a large atoll with 200 islands of all sizes -- a geometric pattern of waterways, canals, small lagoons, garden-sized inlets and secluded beaches.  Only a few degrees above the equator, air temperatures don't vary much.  Water temperatures begin at about 82°F at the surface and drop only two degrees at depth.  Visibility can be estimated at 125-200 feet on a regular basis.

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