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Escape to Cocos Island a lush, green uninhabited island resting 300 miles off Costa Rica's Pacific coast. Rocky pinnacles surrounding Cocos are beacons for big animals and big action. Schooling hammerheads, countless white-tip sharks, mantas, tuna and even whale sharks call Cocos home. Weather permitting, Okeanos guests are shuttled ashore to hike through the jungles of Cocos and swim in her many waterfalls. Eight-day charters are Saturday to Sunday with five days of diving and ten-day trips are Tuesday to Friday with seven days of diving. The Okeanos sets off from the port town of Punteranas. Transfers from San Jose are provided on the day of departure. An overnight stay is required in San Jose prior to the charter.

The Okeanos Aggressor, a former ocean-going private yacht, was built by Codecessa Ship Yard in Viareggio, Italy. The 110-foot all-steel vessel was rebuilt in 1984 by a ship yard in Jacksonville, Florida. Two years later, she became the first Aggressor Fleet franchise. In 1996, the Okeanos Aggressor underwent an extensive remodeling cocos hammockand renovation, and now this luxurious vessel provides 21 guests the ultimate comfort and space for cruising and diving. The Okeanos Aggressor departs weekly from the port town of Puntarenas, Costa Rica destined for dive sites along the "Isle of Coco." She can also accommodate any special requests or itineraries when the entire vessel is chartered for private groups. The Okeanos Aggressor was built to Lloyds standards and is approved by the Costa Rican Marine Surveyor Department as a Passenger Ship.

Nine well-appointed staterooms have both double and single berths to accommodate individuals or couples. One additional stateroom has three single berths. All cabins are fully carpeted, air-conditioned, and have a cocos aggresor cabinprivate bath with in-room vanity. Seven cabins are located on the lower level and three are on the upper level. A port window offers great views and plenty of natural light. Your cabin is just steps away from the main salon, dining room and dive deck.

The salon, located on the main level, is an attractively furnished area designed for comfort and relaxation. It features a complete entertainment center with TV, VCR, stereo with compact disc player, and a well stocked library of books and magazines. The dining area is separate from the main salon and has two large tables with chairs and a buffet counter. A built-in slide screen with 35mm projector is available for slide presentations.

Exiting the salon and traveling toward the stern of the Okeanos Aggressor, guests enter the large dive deck. Each guest has his/her own dive station with locker for gear storage. The lockers are actually seats used for donning and removing gear. Air and nitrox tanks are conveniently located on the back of locker, always hooked up and ready for diving. Dive masters will fill your tanks in the dive tenders and prepare your equipment for the next dive while you relax. A large, three-tier camera table, with low pressure air nozzles, charging stations, camera rinse tank and wet suit racks are located on this spacious deck. There is a dive briefing area for drawing dive site icocos diningllustrations and giving site details, along with a head and two freshwater showers located on this deck. A large dive platform is located only inches from the water level and just a few steps from the dive deck. Most diving is done from the dive tenders, however, the platform is great for snorkeling between dives. An E-6 film processing lab is on board along with a full line of underwater camera rental equipment. Film, batteries, and an underwater video system are available on board. The photo pro is eager to give tips or a comprehensive course with specialty certification. A wet bar is located on the upper level. This open air lounge is a great place for swapping stories about the day's diving and sightseeing. If you would like to catch some sun, this spacious vessel offers guests two sun areas. One is on the upper level near the wheel station and the other is on the top level. The view from the top level is astonishing.

Cocos Layout

After an overnight journey of 375 miles in the Pacific Ocean, 21 lucky divers arrive at one of the most coveted dive destinations in the world, Cocos Island, Costa Rica. A week later, they return to civilization with memories of swimming with hundreds of hammerhead sharks, photographing graceful mantas and splashing in waterfalls on one of the world's largest uninhabited islands.

The 120-foot Okeanos Aggressor, which hosted a Dateline NBC crew filming a "Thrill Seeker" program, offers ten-day and nine-day dive adventures originating in Puntarenas, a small fishing village on the western coast of Costa Rica. After an raftovernight stay in San Jose, Costa Rica, Aggressor guest board a charter bus for a scenic, two-hour bus ride through Costa Rica's beautiful countryside before arriving at the Okeanos Aggressor port. Once on board, guests may unpack, relax and enjoy delicious dinner served by the on-board chef. The 36-hour journey to Cocos gives everyone a chance to prepare their gear and get to know one another; it also adds to excitement of what lies ahead.

Throughout the week of diving, you'll encounter a spectacular array of marine life large and small-most quite large! Many diver mantadescribe the diving at Cocos as "high-voltage" or "on-the-edge," and after drift dives at Alcyone or Big Dos Amigos with a few hundred hammerheads, thousands of horse-eye jacks and a manta or two, you may agree. Other frequently seen marine life includes dolphins, tuna, marble rays, eels, white tip sharks and silky sharks. Okeanos Aggressor divers have also been treated to spectacular whale shark encounters. Weather permitting, guests will be shuttled to the island for a hiking tour. The lush uninhabited island in covered with verdant jungles and countless waterfalls all waiting your exploration. You may want to capture some of the Cocos's underwater splendor on film with one of the on-board rental underwater cameras. There is a full line of rental camera equipment and dive gear available throughout the week, as well as certification and specialty courses including nitrox certification.

At the end of your exciting adventure, the Okeanos Aggressor returns to Puntarenas. Check-out is between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m. On the day of departure, the crew will transport you and your luggage with the group to your hotel, or the airport in San Jose. Due to cooler water temperatures and strong currents, the diving conditions in Cocos may not be suitable for beginner divers.


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