Everything in Saba is clean and sparkling, the streets are clean, the houses all look like they have been recently painted with their white siding, red roofs and green shutters. The smiles and friendliness you get from the locals are genuine and on an island with only 1000 inhabitants it is easy to make friends quickly. You'll find that it takes less than a day for some of the residents to greet you by name. Once our taxi driver stopped to pet a cat sitting on a wall bordering the narrow street.

Saba's diving reputation comes from its pinnacle dives. The Eye of the Needle, for example, starts at 90 feet and goes down and down, supporting a profusion of sea life both on and around it. Sharks, turtles and other pelagics are drawn to the area like magnets. But even the shallow dives are terrific. Green Island, between 20 and 35 feet has bright, colorful ledges and mini-walls, at 50 feet, there are 3 healthy green and pink black corals, 8' across.

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