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At Sea Saba, we recognize that choosing the right dive operation can make the difference between a good dive trip and an extraordinary diving experience. Our slogan "Dive the Sea Saba Difference" is multi-faceted. The Difference is about the level of our service and the quality of our operation--from hard assets to staff expertise. Great boats, attentive service and professionalism are the final touches; the core is making the most of each underwater experience . The Sea Saba Difference:

Saba's Most Experienced Crew. If you're a return client, you'll be pleased to see many familiar faces; and if you're new to Saba, you'll be comforted by our background and familiarity with Saba's reefs that only many years of experience can provide. Whether you're a photographer looking for that special subject or a beginner hoping to hone your skills, let us show you all that Saba has to offer. Our all-instructor dive team has varied backgrounds and areas of expertise but a shared commitment to our clients to provide the optimum diving vacation. Be sure to check out the Nature News page of our website as well as our crew's bi-monthly Creature Features.

Our PADI status makes a difference. As a PADI Gold Palm Resort, professionalism and adherence to the highest standards in the industry are a given. Sea Saba’s additional status as a PADI National Geographic Dive Center and Sea & Learn founding sponsor further demonstrates our dive team’s genuine commitment to nature and its exploration. Although our instructors' diving credentials are impressive, we strive to be the best dive guides. Our instructors keep their enthusiasm levels high by continuing to learn more about Saba's marine and terrestrial environment. In addition to taking you diving our team is involved in community outreach, reef surveys, coral monitoring, and specific research programs. At Sea Saba, we remember why you learned to dive--Your passion is our passion; let us share it with you.

Two 38' boats for your comfort and convenience. Two boats give us flexibility in the mixing and matching of our divers so as not to compromise any diver's safety or enjoyment. Although our boats are U.S.Coast Guard certified for 25 divers, we'll only carry a maximum of 10 divers for your comfort (except when chartered by a group of divers). Each boat is equipped with a sturdy ladder and platform that comfortably services two divers at a time so there are no long entry procedures. You can enter the water via backward roll, giant stride or forward roll. A second deck and flybridge provide a sociable hangout for sun-lovers, ample shade and wind protection. Our boats have plenty of seating, storage areas, fresh water shower, hanging facilities and plenty of dry space for photographers. Additional rinsing facilities are available at our Fort Bay workshop. Fresh cold drinking water and lemonade are provided as well as cold storage for box lunches. Our vessels can carry enough tanks for two or more dives per person each day. Large and comfortable boats, but no crowds!

Nitrox system provides divers a safer way to dive at a great price. In January 2001, we installed a Nitrox membrane system which produces safe, reliable nitrox breathing gases without the dangers of oxygen blending systems. The efficient system allows us to offer nitrox to our divers at a fabulous, low unlimited use rate. We also offer easy nitrox certification courses that don't interfere with your dive schedule or dinner plans. Nitrox is becoming the norm--Sea Saba--better with nitrox!

Dive Safety. Our boats have all standard safety equipment on board including VHF radios, cell phone, oxygen, first aid, and flare systems. Two instructors crew each of our boats so that there is always adequate surface support and an experienced in-water guide available on each dive. Only Sea Saba utilizes a "boat computer" so that our dive guides have the information to assure planning and conducting of dives based on the most conservative profile for all divers. And finally, The Saba National Marine Park has a 6-man, double lock-out hyperbaric facility right at the harbor. While we do our best to make sure no one needs it, it's nice to know it's there just in case...

Concierge Level Service. Recognized by Forbes Best of the Web as the island's unofficial concierge and being the first on Saba to offer this level of service to our customers, our superior service starts from the time you first contact us and doesn't let up until our driver takes you to the airport. Even then, if you've forgotten something or there's a billing error or question, let us know since we're here to serve you and we want you back in the future to join our many repeat visitors. Our convenient office location at Lambee's Place, on the main corner of Windwardside, allows us to cater to your whims with a full-time office staff looking after any requests and coordinating with our crew to make certain we can do everything possible to make your trip unforgettable. Whether it's dinner reservations or a special dive site request, just let us know and we'll do the rest...we feel a great dive trip is about more than just great diving!

Diving Freedom. We recognize the needs of experienced divers. We think you'll find diving with our guides a pleasure but if you prefer to dive as a buddy team and do your own thing or take an entire dive to photograph a redlip blenny, we'll give you that freedom provided you simply follow our basic safety guidelines. We'll neither make you play "follow the leader" nor will we make you come up from a shallow dive to fit someone else's hectic schedule. If you're a new or novice diver, our experienced instructors will make you comfortable in no time so that you can fully explore and enjoy the underwater magic of the Saba Marine Park.

The Best of the Saba Marine Park. Simply stated, we'll take you to a variety of sites in the marine park, doing our utmost to be certain you don't repeat a dive site unless it is your preference. Our vessels are fuel efficient so it's never a matter of saving on fuel or what's easiest for us. One of Saba's attractions is that there is a wide range of sites without the need for long boat rides. Our boats are just the right size, so that we are not restricted by mooring usage but are large enough to handle most any conditions. There is more to Saba than just our famous pinnacles, Tent Bay and Ladder Bay. The island's windwardside offers a completely different underwater topography with often-times superior visibility and different species of marine life than our leeward sites. This is not to say that any area is better, but if you have a week, you should see everything you can...and for those who really want something different, ask about our 'muck dives'.

Daily routine. Our relaxed schedule and leisurely pace fits well with your vacation. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast or morning stroll with our taxi picking you up shortly before 9 a.m. Our boats depart the harbor at 9:30 a.m. As there is only one harbor on Saba, it is home to the diesel generated power plant, fuel station and port for every vessel coming and going from Saba. We prefer to show you more Saba's miracle of nature, so in between dives, we moor at a beautiful, calm area where you can gaze at seabirds in the cliffs, snorkel with your companion or simply take a nap. (Click here for more details and photos of how and why we plan our dive days). We always take an ample surface interval of 60-90 minutes insuring you have plenty of time to do a long, relaxing second dive. Our boats return to the harbor about 1:30 p.m. If you want more diving, just say so. We'll change over tanks and head back out. Saba's night dives are spectacular too. Just give us some advance notice and we'll take you night diving and organize late dinner plans for you while we're at it. Relax! You're on vacation...

Underwater Photography & Video. Saba is a macro & wide angle paradise! Your toughest decision of the day should be choosing which lens! Sea Saba caters to your needs with plenty of dry space, designated camera area, designated cameras only rinse bins and an experienced crew that knows how to handle your gear and help you find the shot you've been waiting for. We have experienced and published photographers on staff to help you with camera problems or lend a little advice to get that special shot. So whether you're a novice or an expert, we're there to make it happen. In addition, charging facilities for 110v or 220v are available right at the dock. To get ready for your trip, enjoy the variety of photography on this website as examples of what you can expect both underwater and topside...and as of August 2005, we rent digital cameras, too. You won't believe the results you get from these simple to use set-ups. Over 200 high resolution images per day AND quality video/audio as well! Our Creature Features page of this site demonstrates numerous photos taken by first time users--and great info, too!


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