St. Kitts

St. Kitts, officially known as St Christopher, lies in the northern part of the Leeward Islands in the eastern Caribbean. The high central body of the island is made up of three groups of rugged volcanic peaks split by deep ravines. The vegetation on the central mountain range is rainforest, thinning higher up to dense bushy cover. From here the island's volcanic crater, Mount Liamuiga, rises to almost 1200m (4000ft). The foothills, particularly to the north, form a gently rolling landscape of sugar-cane plantations and grassland, while uncultivated lowland slopes are covered with thick tropical woodland and exotic fruits such as papaya, mangoes, avocados, bananas and breadfruit. To the southeast of the island, a low-lying peninsula, on which there are many excellent beaches, stretches towards Nevis.

St. Kitts is un-crowded and unspoiled, famous around the world for excellent preservation of the ecosystems. Nature lovers will want to take advantage of the various tours through lava formations, tropical forest areas, and seaside lagoons. Boating tours and scuba diving are also favorites activities. Plantation homes have been transformed into grand, intimate inns. Quaint shopping areas and beautiful Colonial architecture draw visitors to the tiny towns. If a quiet vacation in a luxurious and alluring corner of paradise is what you seek, you'll find it on St. Kitts.

Basseterre, the capital, is riddled with small shops and malls, including the Pelican Mall and the TDC Mall, carrying a wide assortment of Kittitian delights and merchandise. You can buy locally designed clothing, including the popular and well sort-after batik print from Island Hopper and rich art-work from our art galleries. You can also buy local crafts made by our talented sculptures and craftsmen from the Craft House, made from a variety of material and objects, including dried coconut shells, sea shells, wood, metal stones and fabric.

Due to the number of sunken vessels, virgin reefs and other submerged natural wonders, divers are now discovering that, in St. Kitts, beauty runs deep. St. Kitts offers a wealth of relatively new and little dived sites. More than 400 ships sank here between 1493 and 1825, but only a dozen or so have been identified to date.

The western (Caribbean) side of the island is well protected and visibility off the shores is usually in the 60 - 100 ft. range. There are opportunities for divers of all levels of experience, and most dive locations are within an easy boat trip from the shore. There are many nice reef sites with large coral formations and tunnels to explore.

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