important travel tips & notes

Due to current security measures, you'll need to allow more time for check-in, security screening and boarding flights. Please check with your airline prior to departure for the latest recommended arrival times and security guidelines. It is also recommended you have a government-issued picture ID available at all times, as well as a printed itinerary if you're using an electronic ticket. . Unfortunately the airlines do not always deliver your luggage on time. The resorts will do as much as they can to accommodate for equipment and other items, but please carry in your hand-luggage the following:

  1. Extra pair of clothes
  2. Toothbrush
  3. Medication, contact lenses, prescription masks, etc.
  4. C-card: You can not dive if you do not have that.
  5. Make sure your personal information is on all pieces of baggage as well as inside your luggage. If luggage is borrowed, please make sure identification is your own, not that of the person you borrowed it from!
  6. Luggage tags are provided by Caribbean Adventures and Kids sea Camp and should be used on all luggage. This will help our personnel in identify your luggage and facilitate clearance through customs upon arrival.
  7. U.S. citizens are required to have a valid U.S. passport. Residents of all other countries should check with the with the Embassy/Consulate prior to leaving for specific entry requirements.
  8. Please set aside U.S. $20-$25 per person for airport departure tax . Cash only is accepted.
  9. We suggest TRAVEL INSURANCE: please ask your travel advisor about this.

US Customs Requirements

New Provisions Set By Customs The United States Customs authorities have mandated that passenger name records (PNR's) must be identical to the government issued identification required by passengers for international travel. Failure to do this will result in severe penalties levied by US Customs.

Please ensure that the following requirements are adhered to:

  1. Reservations PNR's must not be completed without a full first name included along with the last name of each passenger.
  2. Name titles such as Mr., Mrs., Ms. Etc. are not to be included in the PNR name field, as this affects the APIS name transmitted to U.S. Customs.
  3. A last and first name provided by a passenger or travel agent must be exactly the same as on the travel document being used to enter and/or depart the U.S.A. This must be verified during the telephone conversation or on the travel document presented.
  4. Names given must be verified before completing the PNR. Nicknames or abbreviated names such as Tiny, Ed, Bob, Rob, Dan, Sue, Mike, Pam, etc. are not acceptable unless the passenger/travel agent can confirm that is the name written on their official travel document.
  5. Close double-barrel names; never use spaces or hyphens within a last or first name.


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