Utila Lodge

Utila Lodge is everything you deserve on your vacation - the perfect getaway for couples, families and groups; the perfect place for fun, sun and relaxation. Relax and enjoy the beautiful ocean view from one of our large, over-the-water, air conditioned rooms with porches and gear closets. A full service restaurant and a clubhouse are built over water so clear tarpon swim below the dock. Expect great food, personal service and an atmosphere that is...well, Utila!

Utila Lodge HondurasExperience the diving vacation of a lifetime at Utila Lodge Resort. Expect the world class diving the Honduras Bay Islands are famous for...with a twist. Utila's walls are lush with sponges, gorgonians, pillar corals, reverse ledges and caves. The "Great Wall", on Utila's east bank, is one of the most spectaclular walls in the Caribbean. Utila and its southwest cays are located on the lip of Honduras' cintinental shelf...the ocean's breadbasket. Look for huge turtles, grouper, lobster, crab and tropicals as well as some of the most beautiful tunicates and delicate marine life in the sea. Utila Lodge guests have had numerous opportunities to see and dive with with whale sharks.



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